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Please read this first:

Always measure... 

This video below shows how to correctly measure your foot. It will help you get your correct Veldskoen Fit. 

Leather stretches… 

Your Veldskoen will stretch quite a bit over the bridge of your foot. We have found that, in order to ensure a perfect Veldskoen fit, they need to be a little tight the first time you try them on.  

You will notice the leather stretching around the bridge of your foot, as quickly as a few hours into wearing Veldskoen.  

If they aren't a little tight the first time you put them on, chances are really good, that you will regret buying a size too big once the leather stretched. 

Your Veldskoen size might not be your usual size… 

Our shoes are unisex and look equally great on gents and ladies. However, ladies must always order 1 full size smaller than usual. (Trust us, we’ve tested this over and over.) So, if you are usually a ladies UK6, you will fit into a Veldskoen UK5. 

Veldskoen shoes are made on a "EE Wide" last(extra wide). Therefore, if you are usually half size, you have to size down and not up. So, if you are usually a men's UK6.5, you will fit into a UK6 Veldskoen, and if you are usually a ladies UK6.5, you will fit into a UK5 Veldskoen.


Our Veldskoen kids sizes are standard. You do not need to size up or down. However, the best way to determine your child’s size is still to measure their foot.