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by Veldskoen Shoes September 09, 2017 2 min read

VELDSKOEN™ is so excited to share a little bit about our friend, Lebo Miya. Lebo teaches technology skills and entrepreneurship development to underprivileged South Africans. His company, Ekasi Code Club, teaches unemployed youth in the townships to make websites and applications through coding. 
They cover the languages of HTML, CSS, and Java, in order to give students a solid coding foundation. The course also covers important basic entrepreneurship skills. By the end of the course, students will have a viable tech-based business solution to an issue that is faced in their communities.
It is an incredible program that is doing wonderful things in our communities. VELDSKOEN™ is providing shoes to the top students of the program as a small congratulations for their achievements. Our thinking is that when these incredible students start their wonderful technology journeys, they better be wearing VELDSKOEN™ shoes!
When he's not working on Ekasi Code Club, he also helps his community as the lead for Facebook Developer Circles in Cape Town. A community-based project that he runs with the help of Facebook, to empower Cape Town's tech ecosystem. 
Lebo is a fun, joyful, and inquisitive man who is constantly engaging with people around him, with a focused desire to empower them and maximize their abilities. 
He has a great laugh and is literally bouncing off the walls with energy (see some great shots of him here). He is incredibly serious about what he does and his passion is transparent. He is a joy to hang out with and we are so glad we got the chance to do so.
Lebo, you champion.
You can find the Ekasi Code Club's Facebook page here, watch Lebo's Ted X talk here, and read more about him here
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