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by Holly Deutschmann April 18, 2019 2 min read

Eskomhas been testing us lately with the inconvenient load-shedding schedule – so we have decided to put together a short list of activities to keep you busy in the dark.


Technology has completely taken over, so whenever we feel as though we are not connected through cell phones or watching TV, we become bored to tears – we are all guilty of this! It’s crazy to think we only truly interact when we are forced to. Load-shedding does have one positive though, it brings us together and forces us to mingle with one another – an activity that seems to be rare these days.


  1. Scrabble

Dust off that scrabble board lying on the top shelf in the study. Scrabble is one game that brings the family together, a little bit of friendly competition never killed anyone – unlike monopoly! We don’t realize how much technology can hinder us, it does SO much for us that we forget to think for ourselves! Work on your English vocab and spend time with those closest to you.


  1. Camping

Do you remember camping in your back garden as a child? Well, the random ‘power cuts’ we’ve been having lately, calls for us to break out all the camping gear! Whether you pitch the tent in the garden or in your living room, it makes for a fun bonding moment for everyone– no interruptions! Roast some sticky marshmallows over the fire and create new memories.

  1. Sudoku

The addictive puzzle shouldn’t only be played when there’s nothing better to do! Patience is a characteristic not many possess these days – like many things, technology has stripped us of this luxury. The strategic game tests your patience and teaches you how to problem-solve. Don’t give up and BE PATIENT!


  1. Twister

Don’t get it twisted, we LOVE electronic games – BUT you simply cannot create the same sort of fun and belly-laughs you experience through a good-old fashioned round of twister. There’s nothing that could possibly bring you and your family or friends closer, than quite literally being tangled up with one another!



There’s this weird thing that happens when technology isn’t involved when you interact with each other on a WHOLE different level – it’s called CONVERSING! Take advantage of not being connected to Wi-Fi and turn to the person next to you. What you want to do next is ask them about their day, it’s as simple as that. Get close to your loved ones and bond over some good-old chats and reminiscing.


The dark doesn’t always have to be daunting, bring out the board games and the camping gear and bond with those who help to keep the lights on – and we’re NOT talking about Eskom!

Holly Deutschmann
Holly Deutschmann


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